Marumo’s Passing

It’s been over a month since my male ferret Marumo crossed the rainbow bridge. He was one of the best pets I’ve ever owned and his temperament was so sweet. His death was a hard moment in my life and I loved that little fuzz butt dearly. His mate Sachi has had a struggle adjusting to a big empty cage but she seems to be getting better. Enjoy the pictures of Marumo posted throughout the site. Thanks for all the love and support from all my readers!

Chinchilla Death

My sweet female chinchilla died today. I had her for over two years now. I don’t know what happened to her but it appears that she just went to sleep in her house and never woke up… I loved that little ball of fur. I am concerned about my male chinchilla because he has never been alone. Please enjoy the photos of Gidget posted under the Photo Gallery tab. She was a beauty.

The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen


About The honest kitchen

We’ve been providing pets healthy, nutritious pet food, treats and supplements since 2002. And as a pet food company run by animal lovers, we do things just a little different here at The Honest Kitchen. For starters, morning, day and night revolve around our 4-legged friends. We have eight dogs that join us in the office every day. Play time, taste testing and dog races are a necessary part of our work week! Meet the team and see what a typical work day is like for us.

We’ve learned a lot from our four legged friends. We operate as a labor of love. Our pet food products are cruelty-free and always have been. We do not conduct laboratory-based animal testing of any kind. We are also strongly committed to supporting independent retailers with our products, which is why we don’t sell to mass chains.

We believe in giving our pets the absolute best diet we can. That’s why we use human-grade, minimally processed, whole foods in all our products; you could call it people food, but made just right for pets. Read more about what makes our pet food different.

Have we piqued your interest? Our media center has a selection of articles & news features from magazines, podcasts and television, which have covered The Honest Kitchen and Founder and CEO, Lucy Postins.

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Winter Greetings

As the days grow shorter and the nights get cooler, winter approaches! It is the time of family gatherings and sometimes our pets get neglected… This season may be merry and bright for us but always remember to provide shelter and proper housing for animals left outdoors.. If you leave for the holidays please arrange to have your pets travel with you or arrange to have them watched over by a responsible pet sitter/boarding facility. Traveling during the holidays can be stressful for both yourself as well as your four-legged friends so keep them as happy and content as possible! Also remember that just because the weather is cool it doesn’t mean pets are protected from pests like mosquitos, fleas, and ticks!!

Kyjen Plush Puppies Holiday Singing Dog Large (Jingle Bells)

Kyjen  Plush Puppies Holiday Singing Dog Large (Jingle Bells) Item:2586



This item was supposedly a “dog toy” but I felt that this was better suited as a child’s toy. I found that it was well-made and could withstand a fair amount of chewing but I was too worried about my pups getting too rough and exposing the voice box to let them play with it for more than a few moments… I would highly recommend this product due to the clever appearance but please exercise caution while allowing your dog to have “free run” with this toy….

Kyjen Plush Puppies Holiday Long Body Squeaker Mat Cow with Hat Large

The Kyjen Squeaker Mat Cow was an exciting addition to our holiday fun… All 4 dogs enjoyed this but unfortunately excessive chewing and ripping caused the squeakers to become removed. Due to choking hazards, I decided to dispose of this item… I feel like this was a well-made item with the exception of the small santa hat(this needed to be sown onto the product all the way). My pups got about three weeks of enjoyment out of this so thankfully it did last the entire holiday season. This was the first toy I’ve received from Kyjen that my dogs destroyed… maybe my pups are just good chewers?